It definitely wasn’t a quick and easy decision, to decide to go for our long overdue-d honeymoon, which never came because of my pregnancy when we got married that time (Yup, I got preggy 2 months before the wedding was held – planned and got it so luckily). To have to think and plan for it (took me around 4 months). To have to seek permission from parents, settle the logistics and psycho ourselves from not seeing the kids for almost 2 weeks. But yet we did it and am praying that 3 things will go smoothly; (1) the trip itself – no natural disaster nor accident of any sort and (2) little milkie won’t go ‘crazy’ and throw a tantrum when she don’t see us (for this, I’ve prepared “obedient goodie bags” which she will get it shall her behaviour was good and (3) that the lil’ hub won’t give me that black face if any part of the journey that I planned wasn’t as smooth (I fear I might just walk away).

Well, it was a relatively good start. Sis drove us to the airport and little milkie did cry but it’s because she didn’t want my sister to go out since she knows that we are going off. I did, deliberately, mention that I felt stressful to go on tour with the lil’ hub alone because firstly, he sucks at directions and secondly, of things don’t go well, he will show his black face and somehow pushes the blame on me. Now, he mentioned that he thought about it and will try hard to control his BAD temper, so we shall wait and see. The only bad thing probably was simply – I am still coughing. Yup. Definitely no good. So let’s hope that my cough will miraculously recover by itself during this trip to Japan!

Internet Connection

Although there are free wifi provided by the AirBnB hosts, we decided to rent one at Changi Airport for the fear that those free wifi doesn’t work (after reading some reviews). And we also wanted to be connected the moment we alighted from the flight. I am so glad we made this decision. Rental is at $5/day (promotion going on now which ends on 31 Dec 2016). One full charge can last about 12 hours. It was already full when we first got it. Otherwise you can charge using powerbanks too, it’s the same head as android phones. Definitely worth the price. Saved us lots when we had to check the map and schedules of trains and chat with friends on social medias and what not. And of course, we can still play Pokemon GO! ^^


We decided to go for JAL, where the price was somewhere between SIA and ANA, cost us around $700+/pax for the trip from Singapore to Tokyo, then transiting to Osaka (Kansai), and ending the trip at Tokyo (Haneda). Amount of checked-in luggage was great! 2 baggages per pax and 23kg each, which means we can bring 4 × 23kg = 92kg worth of things back! *smiles*

But hey! How are we suppose to bring that many luggages? Don’t worry. We brought a luggage full of our clothes and another empty one + 4 IKEA blue bags (double layer) to prepare for the 2 additional baggages if required! Cheap and good ($3.90), lightweight and foldable, and can be put on top of the luggage when pulling it around on our way back!

Anyhow, so here we are, waiting for our flight. As you can see, I am still sick and wearing the mask. Please do wear so long you are sick to help to prevent the virus from spreading. Furthermore it’s Japan!


After a short wait, and last check back home to ensure that all was fine, we board the plane and was on our way to Osaka!


Meal provided on the plane. Wasn’t too bad. Didn’t manage to finish it though. There wasn’t any choice other than this so luckily it tasted quite good.

Movie selection was quite alright too though there wasn’t a lot of new ones. I watched two – Independence Day: Resurgence and Lucy (I will talk about it in separate posts). Didn’t want to miss the chance of watching movies which I’ve wanted but missed. Managed to catch some sleep at around 2am.

Oh yes! In case you still don’t know, Japan’s time is an hour faster than Singapore. So it’s GMT +9. So remember to tune your watch to an hour later.

Alright, shall continue again! The beginning of our Japan: Osaka-Kyoto-Tokyo trip!

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