Time flies and it flies and it really flies! We are already on our second last day of the trip! Having mixed feelings now between wanting to go home quickly to see my two sweeties and eating the yummy food, and staying here to shop for more goodies!

Well, I know it’s impossible to finish going to all these areas in such a short span of time. I fact we’ve probably only covered the tip of it. Nonetheless it was a good experience and once again, confirms my decision to not want to go on tour with the lil’ hub alone for the time being. It wasn’t that bad to be honest. I can see that he did try to control his temper but still..

Anyhow I am still holidaying and shall not think of such negative stuff. I’ve got so much things to do once I am back in SG!

Okay, the lil’ hub has finally finished his morning toilet routine. That explains why I’ve got the time to blog. Shall continue and update the rest maybe tomorrow on our flight back. It’s going to be another long and tiring day today! Ganbatte!!


I think I need to learn the Japanese’s OCD way. *LOL*

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