9.17am – I had wanted to blog on my first day of work but look! It’s already Wednesday! Raining since morning and the sky is still dark now. Hitch a ride from the lil’ hub earlier on.

Well, well, well… life’s back to normal with me busy preparing for Halloween party next week and clearing up the work in my office. Am trying to be as organised as possible but it definitely will take some time. I’m still as shag as before if not worse. Practically dozing off in the bus which I haven’t done so since the traffic warden days.

The rubbish that I bought from Japan is still untouched on the floor. Room and office table is still as messy as ever. Gosh! What has changed?! (Nothing)


It’s okay, never mind. Let’s ganbatte!

picsart_10-19-09-09-09Although it’s just a simple breakfast, it tasted nice… *back to reality*

11.42am – Two months more before the end of the year. I need to make use of it to make this year a more fulfilling one.

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