Ramblings – Resignation. Voluntary or Involuntary?

5.29pm – So which would you choose? When someone asked you for resignation rates?

I’m not HR-trained. So when I saw the word ‘resignation’, it simply means outflow to me. I might have asked but nobody remembers and I’m the one sending out the numbers eventually. Alas. How the hell would I know that they are only looking at voluntary resignation when it’s not stated in the email?

And thanks to my pre-decessor. I’ve got lots of *beep* to clean up. Sigh… I really am beginning to wonder if I should persevere on…

It’s not fun.

7.12pm – I really am seriously considering planning for my future out of the corporate world. I might be able to earn a steady income (which is definitely good) but I’m able to get any satisfaction from there. Life… do I want to waste my life like that?

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