First and foremost, if I don’t work around here, I probably wouldn’t want to come all the way to this area. But well, since that is not the case and my colleagues highly recommended this place, I am here.


Whatever language it is. Looking at the menu, it can be clearly seen that it is a fusion of Japanese, Taiwanese and a little on Vietnamese food. Not much to my likings but nonetheless I’ve decided to give it a try.

It was a small restaurant with quite a nice ambience. The food were all placed in trays and all they did were to scoop and put it into your bowl of noodle or rice etc.



I tried on one of their weird combination which is made up of teriyaki chicken, soba (euk), and some other ingredients. I took a set which included a drink, a chicken wing and prawn otah.


First mouth, quite alright. Second and third, still ok. But as I ate some more, it tasted a little weird with all that combination – salad kind of oil with soba… and it’s not really hot, as in it’s a little cold. The quantity isn’t too bad but somehow I don’t feel quite right that day. The prawn otah was a little too fishy. Drink was way too diluted with ice.

Verdict? I guess it really depends on individual. My colleagues love it. For myself, I will probably only give it a 6 over 10. Good if you want to try as it’s something new.

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