9.16am – Ever had those bizarre dreams where you woke up, you realised you seem to actually really been through it?

I had one yesterday. One where I was carrying some rather heavy bags or what not on my shoulder. I’m with a group of people but I can’t remember who. I remembered someone saying that we are reaching after a long tiring walk. But just before we reach under the building, there were a row of joss sticks burning. And accidentally, I knocked down a few of them when I walked past it. I know I shouldn’t have. It was really an accident. And as I turned around, I realised my feet were stuck to the ground and I can’t move at all. And then I saw footsteps on the ground, moving towards my direction. That was when I got hit on my head. It wasn’t hard but there were some anger to it. I chanted. I’m scare but I know it wouldn’t harm me. And like a naughty little kid, I just stood and wished that the moment will end soon.

I can’t remember what happen after that. The weird thing came when I woke up today, with a back ache. Hardly able to raise my right arm. It’s as if I had hurt my back while carrying something heavy which I did not.

4.42pm – The lil’ hub is soooooo slooooow… I’m falling asleep… and at this rate, how am I going to have time to bake my cookies?


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