Post, view, gone.

That was how I felt when the lil’ hub brought the news to me right after I came out from the toilet. I wasn’t mentally prepared. How long have I stayed…?

Reminiscing back, we were, or at least I, was happily designing the interior for our flat. Searching for IDs, getting quotes, buying furniture etc. It was fun, I had fun. It came out almost as what I had wanted with that controlled budget.

Then I got preggy (planned, not shotgun), and then followed by the wedding, and we moved in. Happily stayed there for 3 months with just the 2 of us before my MIL shifted in. Then nightmares came (for me). Colours coordinations went off, stove went oily, rugs everywhere. With those hormones, I wasn’t ready to accept those changes. Furthermore, getting scare every now and then definitely wasn’t something I’m looking forward to. Lasted around 4 months and thats it. More or less it ended my stay there. Less than a year…

It felt foreign now, doesn’t feel like my house though I know I will miss it. In fact I’ve miss it for years, so much so that I felt numbed. People kept saying “are you going back to your in-law’s house?” when it is actually mine. It’s more like a hotel now, especially to the kids, only going back to sleep every now and then.

This morning, the lil’ hub put it up for sale. Our MOP had passed a month plus ago. We hadn’t thought of selling it yet but our agent for the new unit advised us to, as there will be a big bunch of people doing it. Thus, we decided to just try it out. But who knows, someone called for viewing. And so they came at 9pm, viewed for 10 minutes or so and left. I thought that’s it. But at 10pm+, the agent came knocking on our door and then she told us that the couple had decided to offer us $x amount. After a very quick and never thoroughly think through discussion, we decided to sell it. And that’s it. It was sold.

That’s just it. The place where I wished to stay a long time ago but hadn’t really had the chance to, will be totally gone in another few months’ time. A tad sad but nothing that I can do.

I hope history won’t repeat itself though. I’ve learned to give in tons but there are still certain things that I cannot especially if I am staying there. Shall see how things goes.

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