I’m pretty sure my body must have that it was deprived for 2 weeks for ever since I came back from Japan, I simply wants to eat and eat.

Today, I finally get to try this local food at Mdm Kwan’s, located at level 1 of Vivocity at the back (beside Brotzeit, near the Information counter). We’ve walked pass this restaurant several times but as it sells local food, the lil’ hub wasn’t very agreeable as such food caj be easily found at the hawker centres. I really wondered how did my sister manage to convince him. *feeling weird*

There were quite a lot of varieties from dishes to mains and sides with prices generally on average ranging from $11 to $18. We ordered 6 mains, a vegetable and 3 drinks and the total damage was less than $140 for 5 adults + a kid. Normal restaurant price but nice food!

You will hardly hear any praises from the lil’ hub but he was commenting that the food tasted nice. I didn’t get to take a picture of all the food that we had as I went in a tad late. So here’s 2 of them which I managed to catch, intact, because it happens to be mine and my sister’s (who were out with me to grab something).



Will I go back? You bet!

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