8.12am – Let’s make the dough first! I’m so going to bake cookies later!

1.06pm – Poor little milo had to wear his sister’s clothing because I didn’t bring his spare ones out. He must have known and thus sucking his lower lip…


7.35pm – After delaying for a day and a half, my butter cookies are finally out of the oven! Not too bad for a first attempt, at least the taste was alright. Can’t expect too much when you are helping a small kid while trying to get the shape out both at the same time, fighting against time because of the hot weather. But then if I don’t do it with her, then how is she going to learn? Will get her to do it on her own the next time round. Nonetheless she had lots of fun! ^^


11.56pm – Sigh… did anyone say it’s going to be easy? Just scolded little milkie for wanting to play one more game instead of sleeping at this time of the day, and also a little on her deliberately closing the lid of a container when her little brother’s hand is still there. She cried, lots. It’s been a while since I’ve last scolded her till this extend but I ain’t some pushover. She’s still young but that doesn’t mean she can do whatever she wants to. Discipline is still in place. Sigh…

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