Fancy some French cuisine?

I’m currently here at Saveur, the branch located at level 1 of The Cathay, between Starbucks and the side entrance.

First impression of this place? It doesn’t appear to me as French cuisine as the idea of French cuisine are usually eaten in posh restaurants. The interior is more of those industrial style design but the whole place does look spacious.


There isn’t a lot of varieties of food but I supposed it’s suffice. I ordered a seabass while most of my colleagues gotten themselves a duck leg. The order took a while to come as it’s the lunch time (although I don’t see a big crowd). I think because of the distance away from the MRT station, people are not willing to walk over to this place, where the route to here are not sheltered generally. So if it rains, I guess it will be quiet. But if you want a nice quiet place to have a meal, this seems to be a rather good choice.

Anyway the food came and I was quite pleased with the portion. At least my fish wasn’t just a small little piece.


And the amazing thing is, it actually tasted good! My colleagues made the same comments except that the portion is a little too small for the guys. But for the gals, it’s more than enough!

What’s the best thing? The price. For a plate of seabass, it cost only $16.90 (excluding the service charge and GST), which is definitely quite reasonable.

Quite a nice place, I would say. But with that location, and considering the parking charges (or ERP), I would reconsider it. Nonetheless, it’s still not too bad.

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