Thoughts – A Twisted Fairytale

Once upon a time… there was a girl who likes to collect rubbish and things that are a waste of time… *LOL*

That’s it! After 2 weeks of rushing, the Halloween party 2016 is over! And I am so totally happy with the outcome of it! The effect of the decorations was definitely not too bad. Of course, again a very big thank you to my sister who is always there to support me in doing such things. And to the lil’ hub, who despite finds this a total waste of time, tried to keep quiet most of the time and let me do what I want, thank you for that too! And to all those who came and participated, thanks for coming. It’s just a small family party but I hope you enjoyed yourselves.

Well, I don’t have lots of photos to share because I was busy tidying up the loose ends such that I’ve forgotten to charge my hp. So I’m only counting on whoever had taken those photos to pass it to me. Anyhow, here’s a few on my 2 cuties and a group photo. Shall update on my decorations when I have the time.


That’s the main part of the wall


The bad tinkerbell


The auntie Peter Pan


A small performance by the kids


Snow white & the seven dwarfs


Look who we have! Starting from left, I’m not too sure which character, followed by the colour wolf, Jack & the long beans, fat mad hatter (that’s me), Peter Pan that has changed, Snow White, Alice, Pinocchio & red riding wolf!

Tons of fun except for one thing. The buffet that we ordered from Neo Garden for a pax of 30 doesn’t seem sufficient. Seems like the quantity isn’t good when you ordered for less than 50 pax and it looks like that will be the last time we get our buffet from there.

Whatever! I’m going to get my sleep now. Goodnight folks! And Happy Halloween!

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