8.08am – I didn’t have the time to pen down my thoughts yesterday as there were too many things crowded in my head, as usual. Generally things are going fine, at least I would think so although a friend told me that his wife’s pregnancy journey hits yet another hurdle – cervix suspected to be a little too short.

I didn’t really know what it meant and so I googled a little and found out that it basically means the path for the baby to come out is too short, which means that its easier for baby to drop out! Okay, I’m scaring you but thats how I feel. Imagine a funnel made of rubber with a short tube. If the weight on top is heavy, the tube will simply open and give way. Worried? Yes a little but I think if you don’t keep on going with the gravity and get tons of bed rest, it does help to lift the pressure off. She’s at 21 weeks now and its definitely a risk if the baby is born prematurely. I just hope that she can get through this. After all, it hadn’t been easy for her to come to this point. Again, I am thankful that my baby journey weren’t that worrying. And to those who are facing the same difficulties, be strong, endure and ganbatte!

And then I was rushing through my monthly report which has so many changes this month. What is worse? My manager will be on leave tomorrow! And that implies that there will be chunks of questions that I can’t answer, and that I will have to wait till tomorrow. That’s the problem when there isn’t SOP or things that I can refer to. Everything seems to be pluck from the air anyhow anywhere. And there’s still a list of outstanding items!!

I was trying to perk myself up after that and thus I messaged an ex-colleague as I thought of meeting her to celebrate her birthday but who knows, I received a bad news – her dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. Alas, is it a bad timing or a good one? Well, it’s already stage 3 or 4, which the doctors are trying to confirm it. And partly because of that, she’s trying to sell her house as her dad hasn’t got any insurance, which reminded me that my parents don’t have it too. Not that I am cursing my parents, but it’s something I had to worry about, sadly.

Luckily, there are still some happy things to talk about. HDB finally approved! And that means we won’t be homeless, for too long. *LOL* But it’s quite irritating when the lil’ hub kept asking me about the decoupling thing when I know nuts about it. And then he gets pissed off when I suggested certain possibilities. Stop asking me then! Anyway, I stopped replying him after a while at night.

I’m flooding and my mood is not good. I’ve started to control my diet a bit, eating and snacking slightly healthier – the hamster food.


And I also managed to take a walk yesterday after dinner, while catching some pokemons. Around 30 minutes but it’s good enough. 10kg in 6 months. That is my target. I need to be slimmer and better than, well, okay. I’ve been diligent and put on my retainers as well as facial mask at night too. I also bought my QV cream and use hair conditioner. Ah… maintenance is hard work…

Little milo’s sleeping timing is getting a bit out these days. He slept a bit later and woke up earlier. Today at 5-ish and coming into my room to wake me up for milk because the grandpa refused to. Why? Because he kept on drinking and drinking, and yesterday he puked. Not sure if it’s because he ate too fast or too much. Well, and I supposed he is long overdue for a injection. I better check his health booklet tonight.

My homeschooling plan hasn’t started. And as much as I wanted to prepare all the materials and stuffs. A glance in my room and that would put me off. Where am I going to chuck all those stuff?


The space is limited and I haven’t manage to curb my spending yet. So it just keeps on growing. Okay, maybe I did resisted on normal price but definitely not on sale items… and I still got 3 tsum tsum books which I am dying to get my hands on!

*think hard*

3.04pm – Emo day. Difficult to concentrate. Need to clean up my room fast.

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