8.49am – It’s a darn thing when food makes you happy but you are dieting. Gosh… the craving was so huge I had to give in. Looks like I would have walk miles tonight to make up for yesterday and this breakfast.


I’m not dieting just to have a nice breakfast on a Friday… *pouts*

Friday. Yes. It came finally. But this week had been fruitless. Procrastinating items after items. I’m constantly lacking motivation. If only there is some tools or someone that continuously perks you up and reminds you for anything and everything.

It looks like I’m back to square one but… I don’t want to be back at square one…

9.46am – How nice if the time can stop right now for a few hours so that I can catch up with my work. But alas, time lost is lost forever, at least the basic mind would think that but what if, just if, there really is a way to stop time?

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