Ramblings – U.S. 11/9

I’m still in shock. I believe most of the world are in shock too, especially when you see that sea of RED.


It’s been hours and I still cannot believe what happened earlier on, the voting of the Americans. Donald Trump actually won and became the next America President.

Was it really the choice of the majority of the people there? Or are they only voting against Hillary? Or maybe, most of them simply gave up their votes because they can’t vote for either of the party. Whatever the case, it seems like it’s not a dream and we might have a roller coaster 4 years to go for the whole world.

As unpredicted as it can be, he’s like a timebomb, a mad man that will turn crazy anytime and do something non-sensical. At least, that is what he portrayed of himself to the world. I hope I am wrong, I hope he can prove us wrong, and show us that he can really MAGA (Make America Great Again). But otherwise, the other country will be quietly creeping up from the back to take over the world, which it is already doing so.

The world of politics. Never my kind of life but then I’ve got children who will have to go through bad decisions by some people at the top shall there people who are randomly picked for it.

Looks like we can only pray for the better for now.

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