8.10am – Shall I celebrate today? For working for a year in this company already? Before I could try harder, another milestone had passed. What have I achieved over the year?

Let’s see. I’ve learned a few things except that I don’t have the time to practise. And hmm…

Maybe I should take a look at what I have not… I’ve tried yet again and am continuing to do so although it’s at quite a slow pace. I’m still relatively lost in my new role in HR. Work is still piling up at a fast rate and I’m still unable to clear it. I didn’t get to see the supermoon yesterday as it was really cloudy. I haven’t lose my fats and I didn’t succeed in packing up my room and keeping it neat and clean for long. Nor did I get little milkie to do her ‘homework’ too. Am I doing something wrong over here? Am I happier after changing my job?

I ought to sit down and reflect.


2.14pm – Everyone seem so busy. Lil’ hub told me to discuss tonight. Friend asked me to decide on my own. Even my mum is busy bathing the kid. Why am I not? Or am I still dreaming?

2.51pm – Half a month gone. Tons of things to do. Can I power up and go on a full swing? Christmas is coming. Decorations at work is up!


10.12pm – I missed the supermoon last night due to the cloudy sky but today’s one ain’t too bad either.


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