Thoughts – My Practical Husband

My husband isn’t too bad, honestly. He’s not the best husband in the world but he definitely isn’t the worse. Over the years, he already improved without me asking out right for him to, so what else can I ask for? But if given a choice, of course I wish he would be even better than now.

You see, he is a really practical person. I’m glad that somewhat he is but at times, I wished so much that we think alike especially when it comes to education/skills for our children.

Heguru, a right brain training class that I insisted on enrolling my children, was deem a waste of money to him. Why? Because there is no way that you can prove or see that it’s beneficial to the kids. You don’t see the kids learning anything except playing puzzles etc. But I, on the other hand, having been through training for Math quizzes and doing puzzles since young, felt that it will help in the thinking process for a kid. Nonetheless, he did bring us to the class.

Now that I have decided to send little milkie for the NAFA Kinder Arts Class, well, of course he was supportive. But then when I told him there will be ERP, his suggestion was to ask me to take public transport with my kid. There’s totally nothing wrong with it. If he were to send us there, there will be parking and ERP charges. It’s totally practical and I can’t (really) fault him (I’m logical). But does he have to say “just wanna warn you, I really will not send you there.”

Great. It’s either you get your own education or forget about it. Sigh… I thought it only applies to me. Now my kid also got it. *LOL*

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