Wow. My goodness. I can’t believe this.

That was my reactions when I first went up to the level 2, Wing B of NAFA campus 1 at Bencoolen St, trying to register for little milkie for next year.

I was just being “safe”, after reading at forums dated 5 years ago that there were at least 45 people ahead when the lady reached at 8am at that time. After calculating the “inflation rate” for kiasu-ness, I decided to reach at 8am but expecting a little longer queue. But this… there’s at least 150 people in front of me!!!!


Here is just a snapshot of the front. Imagine the queue line was pass the staircase and all the way to the back, making a U-turn.

Now I am beginning to wonder if I need to do this every year. If it is so… O.O”’

Wow. And there are a lot of Chinese! Okay. Never mind. I’ve got 44% battery left. Hope it can last me till… I don’t know when.


It took me about 3 hours in total, to start queuing and finish registering. I reached at 8am and there’s already 208 people in front of me. Apparently, there are more vacancies for the younger ones at 5yo than at 6 or 7. Of course, children are being auto-promoted to the next level shall they continue to proceed. Siblings have priority too.

In short, if your child is 5 years old, the situation is not as bad as for those who are 6 or 7. Morning slots are snatched up faster than afternoon ones. The main campus are also more popular than the East Coast branch.

For myself, the slot that I chose was the least popular. So in fact, I don’t really have to worry so much. But I am telling you, there are parents out there who queued since 7am, and the queue number was already at around 80. So… Think about it yourself.

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