Thoughts – The Minimalist Way of Living 2017

You know how some people can simply sit in an extremely noisy room and yet they couldn’t hear those noise? Not that they are deaf, they are just too focus to take note of their surroundings. I’m having one of my favorite happy food now at Harbourfront. Quality of the food today – SUCKS, but it’s okay so long I don’t have a stomachache later on.

It’s the 27th of December. In just another 5 more days and it will be a new year. Again, time flies. The time to make new year resolutions and reflect on current year has arrived!

Let’s a close look at my 2016.

It started off in a confusing note after my career went for a spin more or less immediately after I switched jobs last November. From the company being dissolved, to my team being dissolved, to my department being dissolved! And eventually I ended up at where I am now, in HR, something which is totally foreign to me then, and still is, relatively now. The confusion lasted for half a year, with more confusions coming in at the second half.

Due to the above, the unsettled feelings caused a delay in whatever that I had intended to do. But thanks to the help of a cousin’s friend, we managed to brew out the drinks just before 2016 had ended. And it was GREAT! I’m really thankful for all those friends who had supported and hope that they will benefit something from it too. Of course, this definitely makes my 2016 a lot less regretful. In case you still don’t know the website, here it is: Milk & Milo.

I’ve finally went to Japan, and with the lil’ hub, for our honeymoon! I’m really glad that he insisted and my parents agreed to look after the young ones for me despite feeling so stressful. It ain’t easy, I know, to look after kids that are not yours. Shall anything were to happen, then how? Of course, it isn’t easy for the lil’ hub and I to drop the children and just went off to enjoy ourselves. There are times where we wondered if it’s right for us to go off but I know in a way we had to, else there will always be something missing. Anyway, glad everything is good and well. There won’t be another honeymoon trip anymore. It will be one family!

Come to think of it. That is more or less what I’ve done for this year. Like I said earlier on, it feels chaotic and my brain is so messy so much so that my room is almost UN-walkable now! The lil’ hub told my mum that he felt like he’s sleeping in a storeroom. Oops, I’m so sorry Bebe. I will try to clear my mind and the room soon. Just give me a little more time. And I will see if I can reach the minimalist path, okay?


So how about the new resolutions? Well, I’ve got quite a handful. I do seriously hope my energy level is high for next year so that I can do what I planned. Next year’s luck told me that I need to look after my health and should not exhaust myself. Just yesterday, after days of lack of sleep, my sore throat and flu came back to look for me again.

As I’ve mentioned earlier on, there’ll be tons of things happening in 2017. And thus I am adopting the minimalist way of living for 2017, so that I can keep up with everything! The first step to go about doing it – de-cluttering.


It doesn’t apply to just my bedroom, but to everything that I own. Having to sleep in a store-room-like-bedroom is BAD fengshui as well as ventilation for whoever that’s sleeping in it, and that’s me, the lil’ hub and little milkie. So I know I’ll have to do it soon, REAL SOON! And I do believe that living a minimalist life is actually quite beneficial both mentally and physically.

Thus, I have decided to join the challenge – De-cluttering 2017 in 2017! Basically the challenge requires you to get rid of 2017 items for the year of 2017. The rules are entirely up to individual, so for myself, I have decided to clear 6 items a day for a start! And on top of that, I will clear 30 emails per day (regardless of any mailbox)! I will begin with my clothes as well as those items that are *cough* lying everywhere in my bedroom. So look out for my yardsale!


I honestly have no idea why. I thought I’ve slimmed down. In fact, even my mum said that my tummy had flatten but yet my weight has increased! And after this festive period, it probably got worse. I need to lose some weight to keep myself healthy. So yes, controlling diet is one thing, exercising is another. Since I don’t have the luxury to take a walk outside, I will just have to exercise at home, a stepper and crunches!! As for diet, NO MORE FAST FOOD from now on (even if I were to eat, no fries or sugared water)!


I am going to take up another challenge. I shall not buy anything new for 3 months, starting February, except for necessities, for new home or business-related items. I’ve been spending a little too much and with my fixed expenses going up, I had to do something before my credit card goes burst!


In just a few months’ time, I will be getting the keys for our new house. This will probably be the biggest project ever for 2017. I have also decided to go for the Scandinavian Minimalist design, to suit my plan-to-be lifestyle. It needs to go hand-in-hand, and I want my family to do it that way too. Of course, that includes my MIL. Having too many things, honestly, clutters the mind, a little way too much for the creative stuffs to come out, for lots of time are spent searching for the tools to work on the idea. Totally inefficient.


We’ve got great plans on the way for Milk & Milo! It just needs a little bit of organization, and it seems like I will have to be the one doing it. But it’s alright. I’m having fun and likewise for the others. The children are having fun too, so why not?!


I know I’ve been delaying it, and it will get further delayed due to the migration. But I am not giving up! There’s no expiration date and I will keep on trying! To top it up, I am going to brush up my skills even more! Classes had been fixed, I just need the time. And then I will do lots of planning to make sure it works!


This had been going through my mind for quite a while. You see, I haven’t been really happy working, ever since I’ve graduated. It’s never something that I like. I work because I need to pay the bills. The passion is not there, and it’s getting more and more difficult to go on. I know it. I can feel it. But to quit and be self-employed is a really difficult decision, considering that I have 2 more mouths to feed. Now that I’m in HR, it seems worse. I’m constantly wondering about other things, other than my work. And with the lil’ hub wanting out too, the chance of me wanting to focus on my interests dropped drastically. I guess this will be something I need to seriously consider next year. Continue or out? How?


If you take a close look at the recent me, you will realise that I’ve lost the glow. Partly due to the lack of sleep, and then also because I haven’t been taking good care of my body. My heels are cracking big time. Skin pigmentation is bad, and it looks wrinkly. So for 2017, I will make sure that it glows again! NO MORE BEING LAZY AS AN EXCUSE!

That was it. Looks like I will just have to bite through it and press on!

TO 2017 & BEYOND!

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