Crossing Over to a New Year

Crossing over to a new year being sick for both myself and the little one, wasn’t something that I expected. Nonetheless I am only glad that it wasn’t that serious. The fever hovers around 38.0°C to 38.5°C, thankfully.

Both kids are sleeping now after a day of packing for us while they does the unpacking (on those items that we packed and wanted to throw or give away). Good, it’s a good start. My room is a little tidier, and so is the toy cabinet. Will have to declutter a little bit more though.

Little milo is sleeping with us tonight. I’m happy, really. Finally, we are sleeping together! Indeed a good start for a new year.

Been pushing back my work though. So will have to push myself a little bit more.

Went to look at my bazi again yesterday. Auntie mentioned that I should accept stress so that I can excel. People need to know how to utilise me. Weirdly, that has always been what I think. Hmm..

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