8.44am – Barely 2 weeks and I can feel the drain from 2017. I seriously hope it gets better as the year goes…

Milo is at the phase where he wakes up twice in the middle of the night, and for the later one, he will come over to wake me up. The lil’ hub is already at the verge of scolding him, saying that I pampered him too much and thus little milo didn’t sleep and continued to disturb the rest of us. But from my point of view, I rather go by the soft approach in the wee hours to avoid a meltdown that will caused the whole block to be awake. Considering the loudness of his voice, he is VERY capable of that.

That, of course, has a downside for it means we (or I) will have to endure that disturbance until the phase run out by itself. The lil’ hub kept saying that little milkie wasn’t like that but in fact it’s because he wasn’t so involved in her life back then.

Anyway, school bus’s not ready till next week, which means I will have to endure another week of bringing little milkie to school, and that includes prepping her snacks. Well, my mum was the one doing this for the past year but I’m trying to do it this year. It’s not difficult, seriously. I just need to wake up even earlier to do it. The irritating part came when the kid complained that she’s been eating the same food.

Goodness. She got a bit of a lecture from me this morning. The kids nowadays have too good a life to appreciate those things around them. Having food to eat is already very good. Now they are still complaining what to eat! And expected a different kind everyday! I gave her a choice, either she eats whatever that I prepared or no snacks for her. You can say that I’m being a little harsh to a 4 yo kid, but I don’t see why I should give in to her request every time.

And because I had to bring her to school, I took the lil’ hub’s car, and was late. I can’t complain anything on that for the lil’ hub gave up his sleep to sent her to school and me to work. Why didn’t I get the hub to drive the kid to school alone? Well, firstly, they will be late for there’s no one chasing them out of the house. And secondly, the lil’ hub will feel like he is doing everything and later start to nag, which honestly, if too much, I might really just bite him!

So far so good. There’s no complaints from him and that is the more important thing.

Chinese New Year is coming in fast and furious this year. Christmas and New Year were just over a week ago and in less than a month, CNY is here. Initially I had wanted to bake buttercream cakes but looking at my schedule, it’s quite impossible.

I’m rushing the decorations and started yesterday. Main character, the little rooster, is out!


Will need more help if I need to finish quickly. The one that is so willing to help still needs help, but I’m glad that she’s trying and getting better, and can be of help if I lower my standard a little. *LOL* Oops…

Otherwise, I will have to try and catch up a little bit, including packing up my room. Am trying hard not to mess it even more after packing a big bulk of it 2 weeks ago. But it’s a tad difficult when you are digging up and creating stuffs at the same time. I wished I have a room to display little milkie’s works…

Anyhow, I’ve still got tons of things on my hands that I need to complete. I need to press on and hang in there.

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