Thoughts – Start Work Day, Not

A very GOOD morning and a Happy Lunar New Year to all! It’s the first day of work for many, as well as mine, though mine isn’t very lucky for me, I had to start because I have work to finish *sob* and the next lucky day for me will be on 4 Feb (I can’t possibly take so many leaves!).

Anyway, based on Joey Yap’s Astrology seminar, the auspicious day to start work for most people will be today other than those born in the Year of Rat, or with any Rat in their pillars. Yup, it may sound a little foreign to you but if you could pick up his book or two, it’s actually quite easy to understand. Or otherwise you can always drop a note here and I can try and explain with my half bucket knowledge.

5% of Luck

Well, I’m not too sure if it really isn’t a good day for me or that I simply won’t benefit the 5% of luck by start(I chose the latter) but things didn’t really go very well this morning. And it seems to have started since the night before, where little Milkie cried in the middle of the night and puked while I carried her. My dad had to clean up the floor while I cleaned myself. Euk. And then this morning, I woke up slightly earlier than usual, and left the house at the same time, only to see the lift going up and coming down real slowly… By the time I reached the traffic junction, I saw my bus passing me by. So in that split moment, I decided to go slow for the day and reach office after 9am, which I did (at 9.04am). But to do that, I took a detour and went to get myself a McDonald’s breakfast. Thought it was alright already? No… My tea with NO milk came with the milk. So actually that 5% may matters.

No More Procrastination

It’s definitely something that I need to work really hard for it, and I am seriously trying harder than usual. With the festivals and celebrations all going to be over soon, it’s time to focus on the resolutions that I had for this year! I just hope I won’t burn myself out nor neglect my loved ones. There are simply too many things on my plate but Auntie Yang said I need to push myself a little bit more because I can! And I jolly well know that too.

Parents’ Health

Though I did take note of that, nothing was done yet. Yesterday my sis brought up and sadly but true, it was due to my kids and thus you can that my parents, especially my dad, had aged a lot. This is also the reason why I kept arguing with the lil’ hub, for I saw all this and couldn’t ask for more while he didn’t… And we argued on CNY eve, much to my dismay, and made me late for work too because my eyes were just too puffy. Now it seems like the problem is back and I will have to try and solve it for the next few months before I move away and my parents get to have their rest.

Financial Status

Mum brought up one point yesterday, stating that my sis always seem to sponsor them for touring while I didn’t. At times I do wonder if my mom knows exactly how my financial monthly is like. Does she knows that her daughter struggles to make sure that every month is enough? Though she did earn quite alright, her expenses is barely enough. Yes I know, she will scold me for not being clever enough to get the lil’ hub to spend instead of me but what can I complain when he paid for the new house? It’s just our way of distributing the finances.

Trip to Perth

By right it’s planned to be in June, by left nothing was plan yet. Will have to do something about this soon.

Slim Down, Please

*Breathe* I know it’s difficult but I will just have to try and keep on trying. It definitely ain’t a happy thing when you are asked not once but twice, whether I am pregnent or not. I don’t get it, I really don’t. Why can’t I just be fat? When others have that bump, they are consider far while for me it has to be a baby bump! Sigh. Do I have a “I will give birth to lots of children” kind of face? 2 years already and they asked me every year. It sucks.

The above, sure sums up how the rest of my year will be like. I guess maybe I do need some luck.

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