9.23am – It’s a Friday morning and it’s bad. Firstly, we are so freaking late for work, or at least I am, and I don’t think the lil’ hub cares about it.

Yesterday went back home to clear and pack the house. My house. Really? Yup, the lil’ hub did mention just now that it is our house and I have a part to play in packing up too. It was a reminder, that it was actually my house too, sadly. Maybe it’s because I didn’t feel like I needed to do anything ‘cos it doesn’t feel like my house. But it’s not totally true for I did plan into my timing, just that I decided to take the secondary role. But it’s definitely a whole lot with the vibes that the lil’ hub gave – that everything is going on well, that he and his mum are packing up the stuffs and there’s nothing to worry about. Probably it is that and thus I just let them do all the work while I continued with whatever that I’m doing. I was wrong. I admit its my fault, for not taking things into my hands, for trusting the lil’ hub too much that he can handle the stuffs, for thinking that he can take the lead for once. He can’t. Sadly. He can’t.

So what can he do? He can’t and don’t know how to dismount a TV. He don’t even know how to connect the antenna of a TV. It’s not as if he does household chores (not that I does too but if in need, I will). He don’t really read nor play with the kids other than just before bed time. The only 2 things he does is probably bathe for them (at times on weekends) and send them to schools. Imagine if I take over the latter part…

Am I to live like a married single mum?

I’m really tired already. Am had been procrastinating things. Do I need more things on my plate?

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