First and foremost, let’s be upfront, and I think I have already done that since n years ago. I AM NOT YOUR MUM, and I will never be one, the one who allows you to step all over her while she stands there, keeping quiet, and following your ‘orders’, cleaning up your shit and mess. She pampers you, I, at the most, dote on you, that is, if you STILL deserve it.

It’s a very simple thing. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Didn’t you learn that as you grow up after 35 years of your life? Even if your parents hadn’t taught you?!!

I seriously, and honestly, from deep down in my heart, pity your mum, who manages to tolerate those short outburst of yours. But at the same time, I do, seriously and honestly too, detest her because she caused you to be like that, and sadly, STILL IS.

It’s like WTF, yes, I may not be the most polite and best temper people of all, but at least I do know how to treat people, especially elderly, with respect. And that applies to friends and families too. But what are you doing with your behaviour this morning?

Just because you couldn’t find a piece of sock in that mess (and it is not really that messy to begin with), you simply push out that stack of clothes onto the floor.

I am angry.

Angry with you for messing up the place and I had to pick up the pieces early in the morning when your kid is late for school. It’s a common sense thing. Is it easier to pick up and find something from a puddle of mess or stacks of mess? Is it more time saving to re-pack and re-fold the clothes then to take out in stacks and search. Brainless.

I am angry.

Angry with you for simply just throwing out like that without thinking who is the one that had been trying to keep it neat. It’s not me, it’s my mum. Of course, what can I even say here. You don’t even bother about your mum, why would you think for MY mum?!!

I am angry.

Angry with you for doing such actions and making me angry and shout at you in front of the kids. And yes, I will shout because I don’t want my kids to be a step-over but neither do I want them to pick up that stupid bloody bad habit of yours. C’mon, can you get a grip?!!!!

Do you really need me to send you to an anger management course?!!

Emptying love, from an angered wife

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