Understanding Myself All Over

One week. I spent the past one week reading up stuffs, stoning and trying to understand myself again. I’m probably having some kind of crisis, midlife crisis most likely. At 37, with the year ending in another few months, I am still at where I am at the start of the year. No money, no achievements, still as fat or probably fatter due to lack of sleep and causes other health issues too, and even the lil’ hub hardly kisses or hugs me anymore.

I’m not balanced.

Tried picking myself up several times but all ended up as a failure. This is probably my nth attempt this year. But I ain’t going to give up just like that. I needed some motivation to start and its as if God heard me, he sent you back to me again. I am thankful.

Though confused at first, I was glad that I managed to sort out my thoughts and turned it into a positive vibe. Trying to be healthier by jogging and making a healthier choice of food when my soul allows. And then I decided to try to understand myself all over again, to see what are the things that I truly like and what can I plan or discover with it.

It seems like from young, this had already happened as I read those information with regards to my zodiac. But instead of that, I will focus on MBTI test as well as Chinese metaphysics. And I am trying out on another app – TODOist. So far so good, it’s been 4 days and I am still using it!

Hope that this time round, I am able to lift myself up.

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