I’ve Answered.

Another week has passed so how’s the progress? Terrible.

Everything is still as messy as ever. To do list is piling up even higher even though TODOist kept reminding me of what I should do. The ad hoc stuffs simply kept on coming.

I have a lot of issues now, be it self inflicted or real. For one, the health definitely has some problems as my menses, once again, delayed. I should go see a TCM soon but even that, I kept procrastinating. I should be sleeping more, like now, but though the eyes are tired, the brain started working already. The hair continues to drop at quite an alarming rate and the gum bleeds too. I wonder what’s wrong? Should I go and buy some more insurance first before I do a thorough body checkup?

Or maybe it was all the anger that got build up inside me whenever I argued with the lil’ hub. The lil’ hub. Sigh… I really am feeling exhausted when an argument seems to be at bay. Am I really at fault?

The lil’ hub did mention before that I always don’t reply to his question but honestly, I did, to every little thing that he said, except that I answered it in my head. That is how tired I am.

It wasn’t another happy Saturday. I do hope today, nothing will happen. But yesterday, here’s how things goes…

In the morning, we went to our new house as someone will be there to install the door to my craft room.

LH: Do you want to ask where your door will be installed? (the door area depth is around 20cm)

Me: What do you mean by where to install? No need, it won’t affect me. (since I planned my cabinets with enough allowance based on what the previous measuring guy said)

LH: (voice raised + irritated face) What do you mean by not affected? It’s YOUR door!

Me: (irritated too + ???) But it really won’t affect me. That uncle previously already said where to install.

LH: (even more angry face, as if he talking to stupid person) Don’t you want to tell him where to install??!! Like in the middle, near to the edge or what?!

Me: It should be left to the expert, how I know where to install would be good?!

LH: Fine. If you don’t care, I am not going to care!! (included some nasty ramblings)

He asked that guy after that and apologized to me. Really? Am I at fault?

Come afternoon. Little milkie went for the NAFA art class. There’s a carnival going on which I had no idea how it will be like except that her teacher had mentioned to go earlier.

I said we will leave at 1.30pm instead of our usual 2pm. At 1.30pm, the lil’ hub started to eat food and then we got delayed and left home at 2pm. I kept quiet.

We reached there at 2.30pm but as I had forgotten which room to go. By the time I found it, it was 2.40pm and the teacher said we were late and thus asked us tk wait till 3.15pm.

The lil’ hub was all angry and so I asked him to go and buy his stuff since he was looking for it. Great. So I waited with little milkie till she went in. And then the lil’ hub started texting me and asking when will this end. And said that I never told him it will be till that late, and if so he would have dropped us while he goes home… Basically blaming me for all these and now he was stuck in the rain.

I repeat, I have never been to their carnival. I have no idea how it would be like. I only know little milkie would be happy to try or play and thus I bought the coupon. I am totally okay if he wants me to bring her home on my own. After all, like what he said, I AM THE ONE who wanted her to learn art. Yup, I am always the one. He just needs to pass her an iPad to learn things and play games. I AM always the one, to send her to all sorts of classes and thus I should be responsible.

I don’t mind to send and fetch and start driving. But what will you do then? If I take away your one and only chauffeur job?


Shall stop for now and pray for a better and more peaceful day ahead.

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