Pink Furry Mushroom-Like Thing

Once in a long while, I will get weird dreams. Just like the one with the blue ostriches, and its continuation that happened a few years later. Maybe its just a dream, but it could be the me in another dimension, or possibly even the future! Who knows? So I will note it down while I still remembers, for the dream seems so real.

So what did I dream of last night? Pink furry mushroom-like creatures. It’s about 15cm tall and 6cm wide, with small black eyes that can’t really be seen unless it’s squashed. Ya, sadly, there’s quite a number that got stepped (not by me) and dead. And the head, for not sure what reasons, can be opened up into petals (at least 7 or 8)! But it did look kind though. Some of them were cuddling together. There is particularly one of them that chased after me happily, which made me ran so hard, at the same time avoided stepping on them, and then I got out of the dream…

Who are they? And where was I?

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