Swept with sadness since last night after watching the final episode of the Korean Drama – The Lonely & Great God. I had resisted from watching it even though friends had strongly recommended this drama as I know that the ending somewhat wasn’t really something that I like. Nonetheless, as the TV is showing it now, and since it’s starred by Gong Yoo, I decided to continue from there…

Alas. I’m not sure if it’s a good decision though.

It has a somewhat by right good ending but yet, to me, it doesn’t feel like it. Yes, it is true that they, the male and female lead, ended up together but only 3 more lifetimes? So what happens after that? I wondered if I am the greedy one who expects it to last forever. I feel it would be nice if it’s like Edward and Bella (Twlight). Well, at least they can accompany each other for the rest of their forever but the Goblin will end up still alone after 3 lifetimes, especially when the Reaper and his sister left too. Thus I can’t help but feel sad for him. Reminds me that ‘Happiness doesn’t always last’. Sigh…

What would you do if you are in either of their shoes? Hmm… For one, I definitely ain’t brave enough to sacrifice myself to save other children. For my own, it seems like a natural thing to do though. And to stay in the place with totally nothing at all? What is he wishing for? Miracles? Though in the end, it proves to be a really good decision. And it’s amazing that his power remains. I’m just wondering how is he going to die…

A nice and interesting drama with not too bad plots. The things that makes me confused – all those memory loss created by the God after Goblin vanished to nothing – was it that the power is not strong enough such that the memories still comes back somehow? Or was it because their love was really so great and thus it overcomes the power? Why is he walking around in the place between the life and afterlife?


Anyway, it was the genre and storyline that captured my attention. Of course the main characters matter too! Romance comedy with a bit of the unusual characters instead of the typical chaebol vs poor stories.

But I doubt I will watch it again. The heart cannot take a second time. Lol :p

If there really is such thing as reincarnation (which I do somewhat believe), I must have did something wrong in my previous life and owed my lil’ hub big time. Lol.

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