Second Day of the Last Month

Had intended to write this post yesterday but simply couldn’t find the time to. Now, after making a short fuss about not being able to have any me-time at all to unpack and do my stuff, they finally ‘released’ me from the Monopoly game. I mean, yes, it’s indeed fun to play the game but when there are still tons of things to do (writing this post included), can I afford to?

I came back today after spending most of the week at my parents’ house this week as little milo was sick, and over there seems like a much better place to ‘heal’. My first thought was, I need to come back more often for things changed when I’m not around. You see, for certain things, I AM quite particular especially when it comes to colours. But everytime when I went away for a few days, I get a few more colours here and there. And then, DO NOT touch my things. I am not your son who leaves you to do everything and anything. I know your intentions are good, it’s just me. Lastly, I have been wondering the same as what the lil’ hub had been asking – what had she been doing for the whole afternoon. She mentioned that the floor was mopped (am thankful) but a quick check and I realised she is the same as my dad who mopped the floor without vacuuming. Right. That brings the dust and dirt from Point A to B. Period.

2017. This is the last month and it’s time for some self-reflection for this year. Have I done anything right? Or nothing at all?

Milk & Milo Activities

For the bulk of it, or at least the first half of the year, I focused mainly on Milk & Milo, which I am rather proud of and enjoyed. But then came the moving of the house, the passing away of the friend’s dad and her opening of her stall, and it slowed down the whole thing.

Now that I have shifted, though not totally settled yet, I will try to shift the focus back to Milk & Milo, and proceed with some other plans as well. I just need to focus.

Growth of Little Milkie & Milo

They’ve grown up well, especially little milkie. I would say that she did mature quite a bit this year. From a short hair girl to a fine young lady. She just had her first performance for her piano as well as her school’s year end concert. She did well for both (with minor mistakes though), and for those effort that she put in, I am super proud of her! She was even chosen to give the short introduction about their performance with another classmate.

Little milo will probably be the one that I am more worried. At age 2 coming 3, he still isn’t speaking much. And definitely can’t compare at all to his sister for that age. And when that terrible 2 is going to horrible 3, you can expect the kind of things that he will do.

As smart as he is, he will always find the weakest link (WL) and bully him or her, and getting what he wants by crying. Two main WL? None other than my dad and my MIL. Sigh. Just yesterday, my mum lost her voice after shouting at my dad for giving in to his demands. sigh…

(And I fell asleep while writing this 2 days ago, sleeping with my forehead on the Tsum Tsum charm ezlink card that I hang on my phone. When I woke up, I had a deep mark on my forehead which hurts a little now.)


This year passes really fast. Before I can take a breather, we are in the last month. But yet, I felt like I hadn’t achieved much. Why?

I’ve been thinking. I’ve done quite a bit but yet it doesn’t seem fulfilling. And then I realised that I have only done the maintenance part but not on those new projects that I had intended. Have I missed out a lot of milestones? I probably did.

And the worst thing is, I seemed to have lost track on things that I need to do especially towards the last quarter of the year. Even till now, I find it difficult to get back on track although I am trying.

I have lots of plans in mind for next year but in order to achieve all of it, I need to be very mindful of everything especially my time spent. It simply slips away so easily.

Is that all? Well, it seems like it and probably the reason why I felt like I have under-performed. It’s not really that good a year compared to some past years although I can tell you that the bulk of my are spent for the house, for the children and M&M. And then also a big bulk of it on stoning. The more lost I am, the more I tend to waste my time on other things like playing games, watching dramas etc.

I need to change. I need to be better. Shall spend some time to reflect, think and plan to see how I can make next year a better one, starting from this month. I need some headstart!

Lastly, don’t give up!

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