The ‘Wonder’ Girl

Hi, it’s been a long time. How have you been? I’ve never really heard much from you for years. You’ve been keeping a distance from me but what brought you back now? I am curious. And you ain’t just popping around. Are you really back? Or is it going to be a ‘hi’ and ‘bye’?

Is it real or am I just dreaming?

It took me quite a long while to stay away too. I succeeded but why did you pop by now? If it’s really going to be short, then I would rather that you stay away. If it’s going to be hot and cold, then I would rather that you stay away.

It was hidden. Kept and locked away. Now its ringing inside my head. What have you done?

Yet above all, I yearned for your return. Just you only, without that baggage.

I was surprise, that there were some warmth suddenly. I thought I was long forgotten but it seems like I am not. But I still.can’t believe it. How could I? When I have gotten out and see from the outside in. Though I did convince myself that it’s all real, sometimes I do think that it’s not, that I am just kidding myself…[NoCache]


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