Shopping – D’elegance Shapewear

Day 1. A nice morning.

It happened about a week ago, while I was surfing around on FB, and then this ads kept popping up – D’elegance. Free trial. And the lady, Tay Ke Wei, was telling about her experience.

I’m not paid for this, just to say it upfront, I just feel like writing down some honest reviews. Anyway, I got curious though still skeptical. After all, I have tried on-off on some products which doesn’t go as good as it seems. But since it’s free and I read so many good reviews, I decided to give it a try.

So I went down yesterday, at the 3rd level of International Plaza, and was greeted by 2 nice ladies. The whole shop isn’t huge. I was brought to a small nice cosy room with mirrors, filled in a form and proceeded with the measurements of my body by one of the consultants.

After that, it’s the trying of the products. There are 5 different types, the bra, long girdle, body suit, waist slimmer and the vest. Each has its own function and the consultant managed to explain them clearly as well as all my other queries, which I was glad.

It was tempting, to see those flabby fats suddenly ‘put into the right place’. But I kept reminding myself that it doesn’t burn the fats like some mentioned, it is a SHAPEWEAR, meaning, it shapes your body to what it should be. Like the example that the consultant gave, if you kept wearing a ring, there will be a shape at the finger. And she pointed out a few areas where due to prolonged wearing, such as the panties that I wore (which apparently wasn’t the right size), caused another bulk of fats. Great. That does it for me, cleared for level 1.

Next, I can tell you, the pricing is totally not attractive unless you always spent a lot on undergarments but definitely not for me. The basic set package (bra, long girdle, body suit), easily cost more than SGD$1,000. What’s more, my concern is the no. of pieces that one has to get, considering the fact that you need to wash it. Nonetheless the consultant explained about the possibility of interchanging it – wearing something is better than not wearing. Agreed.

She’s smart, I would say. Probably because she can see that I was deliberating (or probably a lot of people had that issue), she mentioned that in the event if pricing is an issue, then I can consider only those more important ones first to tackle my issue. So she pointed out the long girdle and vest. That does it. I can afford a piece to ‘try’ out. And so I chose the vest.

Why? It has a back support function to help you to sit in the correct posture. Sitting in front of the computer for long had caused me backaches due to bad posture. I knew it and the moment I tried on the vest, I kind of like it. It seems quite troublesome though because that was one of the piece with wire and it forces you to really walk and sit up straight. Furthermore it helps to shape the tummy area.

So today, it’s Day 1 of wearing it. It’s been an hour and I can tell you I love it, especially when I am walking. The support it gave so far is quite good. Feels like massage at some point. How much? $435. So far so good. No photos yet but will try to take it and see the difference. Keep you updated.

Since 1 Jan 18: 2 people had asked me if I am pregnant. Last year: about 20 (I gave up counting after a while…)

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