*Press* Rebooting… Day 1

Lots of things happened for the past weeks. After the last chat with my boss, I was supposed to talk to her a few days later but who knows, she was so busy and thus it kept postponing. And then when she is free, little milo got quite sick and was hospitalised. When I finally went back to office, my boss’s kid had high fever and she wasn’t around. But luckily I forced myself to go to work despite the fact that I was quite sick and therefore had a chance to talk to her.

The whole opinion seems to have changed. I didn’t expect her to apologize, in the sense that I probably should not be the one to be penalised if I am being mis-managed. She did propose to beef up my portfolio if I choose to stay. After thinking for days… I think I will. But I really need a plan. An exit plan. To get out of here, dead or alive after a year.

Hang in there, peeps. Let’s do it together!

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