Day 2 of Reboot

It’s early in the morning and I am out to attend a class which I’ve registered quite a while ago. I am still on med, hasn’t fully recovered yet but I do not want to waste my money for it cannot be refunded. Thus, the kids shall be left with the lil’ hub today.

Though I’ve made a decision to proceed, my head is still in a mess. There are so many things to do. I seriously wonder if I should go ahead. Tomorrow is the deadline. Once I’ve given my word, there shall be no turning back for a year, at least, I don’t like to break my promise. Eyes and ears shall be closed. It’s an unfair world, I just have to accept it.

Glad to hear from a close friend that she had given birth. Too many things going round for the past few months such that I have forgotten when she is due for birth. I am very happy for her. Shall try to visit her if the time allows. Time is scarce…

The image of my auntie having breathing difficulties kept appearing in my head. Sigh… and I have got that video now in my hp which I don’t know if I should delete or not. Sigh… life is short, really short. Stop procrastinating and start doing the things you love, before its too late.

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