Day 4 of Reboot

I’m late. Only wrote this now in the evening, on my way home. Slept at 2am in the morning after rushing the assignment and playing a few games of Tsum Tsum. Got myself so tired in the morning and so took a nap on the way to work this morning.

Been busy for these 2 days. Trying to do up my monthly report while clearing some ad hoc tasks, which kept on disturbing my work. The lil’ hub seems busy too. He’s stuck in a meeting now, so I took a bus home instead of waiting for him.

In case you have been wondering why I am writing boring mundane stuffs, well, let’s just say I am not in a good state and I needed to let it out. And it’s not easy to find someone to talk to and listen to you ramblings about similar things over and again.

Sigh… since I have agreed to stay on for a year, for some reasons, it feels like selling my soul to the company which I don’t want… I want to spend time with my children. 13 more months. Endure, and make full use of it. That’s what I kept telling myself. But I am not doing things fast enough.

Life. Sometimes I really wonder what is the meaning of it? Rushing life like mad and then the next moment, you are too old to enjoy life.

I’m back to my horrible dressing and hairstyle by the way. Couldn’t bring out any extra energy to look nicer. I felt burnout.

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