Day 24 of Reboot

Ah!!!!!!!! It’s no good!

I am not in a good mood today. The mind is totally off. I am freaking tired. My head is bursting! How?!!!

Knowing that I only have a handful of leaves left definitely is not helping. Crap. Crap.

I still need to go for my dentist appointment. And registration of primary school. And the lil’ hub was still telling me about him needing to clear his leaves! Such inconsideration!

Crap. No good. No good. No good…

10.35am – “Don’t wanna snatch your job.”

Sigh… there’s cracks already… there’s not much point in staying too long. Enjoy the rest of the 12 months if there still is. Think you should start applying for jobs early… *sad*

7.04pm – All was good. Not really focusing but work are still done. Felt a sense of achievement when I solved the issue through coding. But I came back to reality when my colleague asked if my efforts are known…

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