Day 30 of Reboot

It’s 12.03am, just finished my office work and shut down the lappie. Oh, correction, it’s stop doing. I haven’t finished yet. I’ve made it a point to sleep earlier every night, today I’ve already failed to do so, thanks to my old boss who asked me to provide the data to her which usually I probably could only do it earliest on the 6th. Providing the data early is not as issue so long she don’t expect me to do a nice and swee swee (pretty pretty) one for her.

I’m rushing a lot of things. Can feel the weight on my shoulder and at the same time, I kept reminding myself not to neglect the children. But with so many things and plans going on, it is difficult not to…

One whole list of stuff to do for next week. How am I going to fit it in?

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