“My Wish is to Become a Smartphone”

It’s little milkie’s first day of school! And I’m currently at home, waiting for the time to fetch little milkie from school.

How’s things so far? Well, the morning was relatively smooth, with little milo not insisting on his YouTube watching (we forgot to hide the remote control yesterday night). But will probably have to adjust on the timing again as sending little milo to school first might cause his sister to be late for school.

There was a feeling of nostalgia when I first entered the school. She was definitely braver and more independent than I was when I was her age. After separating from her at the foyer for National Anthem and pledge taking, the parents proceeded to the hall for some briefings. And there was this video that caught my attention – “My wish is to become a smartphone”. (read here)

I am guilty of it. And so was the lil’ hub. Are you?

So we made a pact to follow these rules and make these changesĀ from today. After all, it’s a NEW year.

  • No using of handphones after reaching parents’ place until the children slept (unless really necessary, e.g. because of work)
  • Internet will be removed from the TV in the living room
  • Children will sleep before 10pm, i.e. right after we reach home after coming back from my parents’ place

Will make the above for now. To add on more, if any, later on. Ganbatte, everyone! Family is important. The rest can wait.

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