Before I start my day today, here’s what I want to say. Kudos to all the mommies and daddies with children going to primary school! If you think that kindergarten is bad, waking up that early and making sure that the kids had enough sleep and not late for school is even worse.

First week’s over for 2019, my flu and cough hasn’t recover. Lil’ hub had to go reservist during period and I’m so thankful again that I’ve got my parents to help. Been keeping up with trying to get the kids to sleep before 10pm, and making sure that they brushed their teeth and rinsed their mouth after their last bottle of milk. Am constantly mindful that I don’t use my hp while I’m with them too. As well as do my work unless really necessary like yesterday where I did for 15 minutes and little milkie complained. Yet I can’t fault her for I should not bring work back home.

Been taking a photo of myself to remind me that… I am as lazy as I look.


But looking at the time that I have, I seriously wonder will I ever have the time to do anything at all this year.

*shake it off!*

Breathe. It’s only the 8th day. Trust that you can do it, and then you will!

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