I woke up to the news of Aloysius Pang passing away. Not a good news to wake up to. I’m not related to him but yet I’m sadden by the news, likewise the many other NS men that we read in news. Probably felt a tad more because I’ve watched him acted since young. And I quite like him, my girl too. Yet, just like that, because of reasons which I can’t visualise, he’s gone.

Investigations can be done. Someone may be blamed. Preventions can be stated. Actual situation? You never know. But what is the use of all these to the family? He can never come back. I looked at the posts on his girlfriend’s IG, and I’m even more saddened by it. Thus, I have always stick by the rule that, if you cannot be with someone, so long he is still alive, it’s okay…

Chinese New Year is round the corner but yet the festive spirit is saddened and covered by such news. It probably is one of the worst CNY I had to pass, especially when I heard from my mom that the doctor mentioned that my aunt might not make it through CNY. Thus, I better finished my usual CNY deco real soon, for my aunt will be back this coming weekend for reunion dinner.

My mind is in a blank.

Though it’s a matter of time but… Furthermore, my uncle (aunt’s husband) recently stayed in hospital too due to some issues, which he refused to check.

Have you ever heard of those stories where the loving couples, husband and wife died one after another when they are old? Why do I get the feeling that it will happen…?

Suddenly the CNY, Qing Ming and the 7th Month seems like a time to purge the human race.

Time passes slow today. The office seems quieter than usual for some reasons. Even my director removed her only piece of CNY decorations, which I don’t know why. Let’s just hope things don’t go anymore worse than this.

For now, RIP, AP.


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