It’s those mornings that you dread. That the inevitable had come. The first message you read on your phone.

24 hours had passed since I received the news that my 2nd aunt had passed on. Ain’t that surprise, just hoping that it will be a few more weeks but yet am already very thankful that she managed to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Maybe because she had always been nice and thus the higher up there decided to let her live a few more days.

Unlike 14 years ago when my Goddad decided to pass on early, instead of just keeping everything to myself, I’ve decided to just write. Isn’t that the purpose of this blog?

My 2nd aunt lived beside my parents since 1987. And then on the other side on the same floor, are my 1st and 3rd aunt a.k.a. my godmum. I’ve lived in an HDB kampong since young and I had a wonderful and happy childhood despite being a ‘protected animal’ with lots of restrictions and curfews. It’s a relatively big family. We were close.

Last July, the aunt was diagnosed with stomach cancer and her health deteriorated from then on. Just before CNY, the doctor even mentioned that it’s unlikely that she will survive till then. But she hung on, managed to stay overnight at her own house too. She didn’t wait for the family to reach the hospice this morning but we heard that she went away peacefully.


I stood staring at the block which I’ve stayed for the bulk of my life this morning when I went back. I still can see the CNY decorations that we put up from where I stood. And today, it felt different. Different from every other day. Different from the day my goddad passed away. Probably it’s because we were expecting it somehow, and thus none of us was surprise, though still devastated.

The removal of the reds had already began when I went up. No words needed to be said as I dropped my things and joined in. Something which the lil’ hub will not understand immediately. Why do I need to go back so early? To give as much help and support as I can, to whoever that needs it, even if it’s just sitting there and waiting. To accompany my aunt for her last journey on Earth. To grieve, openly.

The tents were set up. Wreaths were ordered and it took us a while to find it for lots of shops aren’t delivering till today.


And then she was back. A tiny small body wrapped in white, and then put into the coffin after some ceremony. Then everyone wept, quietly.

ASAB, rest in peace. You will be missed.

我的老婆在楼下,我那里可以在上面太久。要陪她,不然就没有机会了。- Husband of Aunt

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