I’ve been feeling weird lately. Like the Universe is trying to tell me something.

I tried on YouTube tarot readings twice – and both roughly pointed me to the direction that something great is coming, and that I should not resist but to simply just embrace it. And in time to come, I will be great. Just trust myself. With one telling me that if I am expecting a child, it will come (but am I?).


And then I’ve got weird dreams. One of them showing me at my auntie’s funeral, and then suddenly, she came alive, and very alive. Read online and one site stated that it symbolises a new beginning while my friend said that it’s my inner self telling me that I am beginning to be more decisive, and will complete what I want to do, which is the character of my auntie. Then the other day, I dreamt that my Secondary school Math teacher’s wife is pregnant with his 4th child, but she is already in her early 50s! Again, I searched online, and it guided me towards a part of me growing, while my friend said that, it is telling me that it’s not too late. Whatever the case is, it still feels weird.

What’s even more bizarre was, a week ago, my nephew suddenly, out of nowhere, asked me if I wanted a 3rd child. I stared at him blankly and asked him why, which he said he’s just asking. It’s weird because the last time I had little milo (2nd child), he said he wanted me to have a child instead of his mom when a cousin just randomly asked him. And shortly after, I’m pregnant. And before I knew the gender of the baby, little milkie ever told me that there was this boy (quite handsome), over there at the window. O.O”’

Try listening to them sometimes, they probably had been trying to tell you something. It’s just that you’ve never realised it.

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