Notes to Myself

I just finished attended the Grow Rich With Bazi 2019 class with Joey Yap. It was definitely interesting and insightful.

I’m not writing to say how great the program was. I’m writing because for the past months, in fact, it started since last year, the signs are getting stronger and stronger.

Things changed the moment I decided to take the HR course. Maybe it really is some affinity and thus we get to know each other, my partner. That was the year I’m supposed to meet a mentor. And then it was then that he proposed that we do a partnership. It was also then that he guided me on how to proceed in my work. And then another friend of my showed me the tarot readings. That probably lead me even further. And the daily readings all showed very clearly what I should do.

I know. My intuition is talking to me. And it’s getting clearer because I am using it.

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