Ramblings #1145

It’s a daily struggle – to decide what I should do with that little spare time that I managed to squeeze out in between the pumps and eats during the day. Should I take a short nap or should I pack my room? Or maybe I should just focus on my sites that I’d been […]

Ramblings #1132

2.41am – Why didn’t I hear my alarm ringing again? But luckily my body alarm woke myself up. It’s time for a new day! Ganbatte! 8.15am – The lil’ hub is soooooo nice… Hub: Baby, you should thank me. I switch off your alarm so that you can get to sleep more just now. Me: […]

Ramblings #1115

10.48am – Hey! Good morning! Oh yes, I’m STILL around carrying my enormous tummy that’s STILL pressing on my pelvic area, which clearly shows that my little milo is still comfy inside my womb! Yeah! How nice… big and spacious with lots of cushioning and good food. Maybe I should try starving myself and probably […]