Blog #0618

10.00am – Am I hallucinating or is something brewing? It’s weird. Some of the things that I’m experiencing. Or maybe I’m just not feeling too well. It’s too bad that I forgotten about the dates… 10.20am – Oh. I won’t be around on my baby’s first birthday… *SULK* Need to travel for work. Sigh… 1.58pm […]

Blog #0616

I’ve got the most IDIOTIC husband ever! Me selfish? I wonder who is the selfish one with short temper and no time management! I gave you at least 4 days in advance and yet you TOTALLY did nothing to back up. My parents would like to go out later on if we are back EARLY. […]

Blog #0615

8.05am – Oh. The milk bottle broke. How could it possibly not be after 10 months of usage with constant droppings deliberately by the little one. It’s time to get a new one. Anyway, it’s supposed to be changed after 6 months. 9.12am – Focus. I need to finish those training slides by today. 10.46am […]

Blog #0614

7.32am – Craps. Shouldn’t have slept so late. Headache now. 9.05am – What?!!! This is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!! 10.32am – Finally am able to settle down and take my breakfast. Reached office, haven’t got the time to sit down and I’m being tasked to find a meeting room for at least 10 as my admin is […]

Blog #0613

5.44am – Where’s the pacifier…? 6.05am – Might be a good thing to pump now instead of rushing later on. 8.35am – I’m in the office! Woohoo! Good job! *pat pat myself* Time to cheong! *IN HYPER MODE* 9.46am – Bought the casing! Oops. 9.57am – Registered! Hmm… what else…?

Blog #0612

9.02am – GOOD MORNING! 10.04am – Oh my God… I didn’t know it’s so… sad… one… 11.25am – Thankfully, the time passes relatively fast today. It’s almost noon, and I’m going back for lunch. Shall try and settle the photoframes. But hmm… the size doesn’t seem correct… 11.45am – Hmm… so many birthday treats this […]

Blog #0611

9.32am – Focus, focus, FOCUS! Why can’t I focus?!!! Good morning! 10.00am – HTC One or S4? Why are there so many people choosing S4? And yet my group of IT techy friends are the only peeps choosing the HTC One… 10.41am – Damn. Why do I kept having headaches recently…

Blog #0610

7.11am – It’s an ORANGE day! Random. Random. 8.55am – *PHEW!* That was closed! Almost knocked into a hanging cocoon! Not sure if it’s filled or empty inside though. *LOL* Anyway, never knocking into it probably depicts a lucky day! ^^ 9.49am – Can knock off at 4.30pm today but the lil’ hub’s going for […]

Blog #0609

7.20am – No more blocked ducts! Yippee! OHAYOU GOZAIMASU! 9.05am – Reached office! 9.56am – The thought of moving to the new office simply made me extremely depressed. It’s TOO direct. The Fengshui is totally bad. How to work in PEACE and HARMONY? 10.38am – Yeah! Joining the yoga class held in my office from […]

Blog #0608

7.32am – Ouch. WTH. Blocked again??! 9.05am – Reached office 5 minutes ago. Not too bad for a start. Let me settle down first. 9.49am – Haven’t got the time to take my breakfast yet but I supposed I’ll have to deliberately stop for a while and take. Lots of things going through my head […]