Ramblings #0653

9.29am – Extremely amused with the conversations of the taxi drivers through the walkie talkie, in Cantonese. Love to see such cultures still exist. A: *Talk and talk*B: Stop talking. Concentrate in driving. A: There’s a jam at xxx (relatively near to airport), take note.B: Oh. So is there a jam at airport?C: There’s already […]

Ramblings #0651

4.59am – Goodness. Bad headaches at such timing? WTH… 7.00am – Bad. Bad. The headache is still there… 10.04am – Hasn’t had the time to breathe till now. Somewhat, I hated Friday, for it’s the day to close off a lot of things before the weekend comes. I’m running on tight schedule today with a […]

Ramblings #0650

8.25am – Darn. I overslept again. 9.46am – Bills, bills and more bills. I’m so glad at times that I still have this job, which can help me pay off my monthly expenses. Nonetheless, got to watch closely on my spending this month especially when the lil’ hub will be without income soon. Had been […]

Ramblings #0648

8.25am – Oh sucks. I need to stop the mood from overflowing from one day after another… 8.51am – In office and as usual, soaking my biscuits in the milo, and waiting for it to soften before I start tucking in. It’s Tuesday and it isn’t any better than yesterday. Somehow, suddenly recalled on the […]

Ramblings #0646

8.23am – Alright, a good start. Make it out to work on my own before 8.30am. Not that early but it’s alright. It’s finally Friday, and I’m so looking forward to it. It’s been a damn hectic week, with blood pressure almost hitting the roof. Though a tad sleepy, life still goes on… and I’ll […]